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DATAKOM BC-3A series are fixed output voltage, current limited lead acid and Nickel-Cadmium battery chargers specially designed for use in gensets. Thanks to their continuous DC outputs they may also be used in a vide range of industrial applications where DC power is required. Chargers offer automatic battery voltage detection. Thus the same unit operates as 12V or 24V without the need of a manual selection, removing human errors.


The charger continuously measures its output voltage. If the voltage is below 18V, it operates in 12V mode. If the voltage is above 18V then it operates in 24V mode. If the output of the charger is open, it will operate in 12V. The chargers are designed for permanent connection to genset starter batteries. When the battery voltage is below the float charge level, the charger provides constant current, nearly equal to the rated output current allowing a rapid recovery of the missing charge. When the battery voltage reaches the float level, the charger switches to constant voltage charge mode and maintains the battery fully charged, providing the maximum battery life, without overcharging or gassing. The overload and short circuit protections make the unit deliver only the rated current during engine cranking or short circuit. It does not need disconnection during cranking. The high temperature protection reduces the output current in case of overheating, allowing operation in warm environments.

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