Name :DATAKOM Electronic Engineering Ltd.

Founded : 1988

Based : Istanbul - Turkey

Activities :

Design and manufacturing of electronic equipment, Technical assistance, technical advisement.

Shareholders :

Metin Hekimoglu Electronics Engineer

Deniz Hekimoglu
Electronics Engineer ITU
(Istanbul Technical University)

Official and Religious Holidays: Besides Saturdays and Sundays, Datakom will be closed on;

April 2012
Turkish National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, Monday, 23 April

May 2012
Labor and Solidarity Day, Tuesday, 1 May
Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day, Saturday, 19 May

August 2012
Religious Holiday Eve, Saturday, 18 August, 1/2 day
Religious Holiday, Sunday, 19 - Tuesday, 21 August
Victory Day, Thursday, 30 August

October 2012
Religious Holiday Eve, Wednesday, 24 October, 1/2 day
Religious Holiday, Thursday, 25 - Sunday, 28 October
Republic Day's Eve, Sunday, 28 October, 1/2 day
Republic Day, Friday, 29 October

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