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SMPS-2420 24V 20AMP 600 WATTS 92.5 %

SMPS-2420 series are designed in high efficiency, half-bridge 100 kHz switchmode technology. Thanks to their smart charging algorithm, they charge batteries faster than conventional chargers and provide longer battery life.

SMPS-2420 charges both lead-acid, Li-Ion and Nickel-Cadmium batteries. It is specially designed for permanent connection to genset starter batteries and does not require disconnection during cranking.

Chargers have extremely wide operating temperature range without a derating curve. This is achieved with the internal automatic temperature-controlled fan. The fan has a continuously variable speed control circuit
running it only when necessary at the required speed. It allows operation in higher temperatures at full load.

The charger measures internally its output current and provides a 0-10V analog output. This signal may directly drive display and measuring units.


The efficiency of the charger exceeds 92%, resulting in lower energy losses and lower long-term operation costs. As an example, compared to a charger of 80% efficiency, with 30% average load and 30 years of operational life, it will consume 6’900 kW-h less electrical energy. This corresponds approximately to 690 USD less energy expenses.

The unit has overload, short circuit and high temperature protections. This feature makes the unit deliver only the rated current during short circuit or overload conditions. In case of excessive temperature, it will protect itself by reducing the current output.

Chargers have open chassis, metal cased design, suitable for bolt and stud mounting in an enclosed panel. The low weight of the unit makes it ideal for use in highly vibrating environments. Small dimensions allow compact panel design.

The wide input voltage range allows these chargers to be used in most countries.

The charger OK output is provided as a standard feature. Thanks to this output, a rectifier failure signal is provided to the control module which will give an alarm in case of failure.

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