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DKG-119 CAN/MPU Manual and Remote Start Unit

>> True RMS measurements
>> Both manual and remote starting and stopping
>> ECU control and monitoring through J1939 CAN
>> J1939 ECU warnings displayed as text
>> Various engine brands and models available
>> Engine control
>> Gas engine support
>> Engine idle speed control
>> Generator protection
>> Built in alarms and warnings
>> Remote Start operation
>> Dual genset mutual standby operation
>> Load shedding, dummy load
>> Periodic maintenance request indicator
>> Event logging with measurements
>> Statistical counters
>> Field adjustable parameters
>> Logic level serial port
>> Firmware downloadable from serial port
>> Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:
     -monitoring and control
     -download of parameters
     -upload of parameters
>> GSM SMS message sending on fault
>> MODBUS communications
>> Graphic LCD display (128x64 pixels)
>> Triple language support
>> Customer logo display capability
>> Protected semiconductor digital outputs
>> Configurable analogue inputs: 3
>> Configurable digital inputs: 5
>> Configurable relay outputs: 2
>> Total relay outputs: 4
>> Survives cranking dropouts
>> Sealed front panel
>> Plug-in connection system for easy replacement
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