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    Datakom was founded in 1988 as an electronics design house of 3 peoples, exclusively providing electronic device design services with two engineers.

    Datakom established its manufacturing department in 1990. Since 1994 the company has adopted the strategy of designing and producing company’s own products. Today, Datakom is a top player in the generator electronics sector, offering the largest product portfolio in the market. Datakom’s constant search for innovation and improvement assures that it will remain a leading name in the generator electronics market and will continue to increase the company’s market share.

    Datakom plans to progress in fields of energy quality, monitoring of electrical transmission and distribution network along with carbon footprint analysis and reporting. Datakom prioritizes energy quality in company's future plans and allocates a sizeable budget for R&D investments on this field.

    Most products recently designed in Datakom offer internet based communication. These devices connect to the Rainbow SCADA internet monitoring service directly, without any additional module. Rainbow SCADA requires no installation and adds new features frequently, offering a minimal cost of ownership.The advantages of Rainbow SCADA has quickly made it the preferred monitoring tool of many companies.

    Datakom has design, production, technical support, sales and after sales departments on site, which reduces production costs and provides a better service quality to its customers. Datakom believes in unconditional customer satisfaction. The company uses only the highest quality materials and constantly seeks for improvement in the quality of products. The quality management system plays a critical role in leading the world market.

    Datakom is a firm believer that constant improvement is the key to securing a strong position in the market. Datakom redirects most of its investments to the R&D department, to ensure dynamism and productivity. Currently 23% of Datakom’s employees are directly part of the R&D team, while 30% of all employees are involved in the R&D activities. Datakom allocates 15% of company's turnover to R&D, exceeding the average investment of the electronics sector.

    Today Datakom manufactures more than 400 genuine electronic products and employs 70 people, of which 30% are experienced electrical and electronics engineers graduated from leading universities of our country. Datakom is ambitious to become one of Turkey’s first ranked technology companies and take a seat among the technological leaders of the world.

    Datakom is proud to preserve its originality in the market, while marching with firm and strong steps towards the company’s goals.