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The genset operates while AC mains are OK or continues to operate after AC mains are OK:

-Check engine body grounding.

-AC mains voltages may be outside programmed limits, measure the phase voltages.

-Check the AC voltage readings on the screen.

-Upper and lower limits of the mains voltages may be too tight. Check the parameters Mains Voltage Low Limit and Mains Voltage High Limit. Standard values are 170/270 volts.

-The hysteresis voltage may be given to excessive. The standard value is 8 volts.

AC voltages or frequency displayed on the unit are not correct

-Check engine body grounding, it is necessary.

-The error margin of the unit is +/- 2 volts.

-If there are faulty measurements only when the engine is running, there may be a faulty charging alternator or voltage regulator on the engine. Disconnect the charging alternator connection of the engine and check if the error is removed.

-If there are faulty measurements only when mains are present, then the battery charger may be failed. Turn off the rectifier fuse and check again.

KW and cosΦ readings are faulty although the Amp readings are correct

-Current transformers are not connected to the correct inputs or some of the CTs are connected with reverse polarity. Determine the correct connections of each individual CT in order to obtain correct KW and cosΦ for the related phase, and then connect all CTs. Please review chapter “AC CURRENT INPUTS”

When the AC mains fails the unit energizes the fuel solenoid, but does not start and OIL PRESSURE EXISTS ! message is displayed

The unit is not supplied with battery (-) voltage at the oil pressure input.

-Oil pressure switch not connected.

-Oil pressure switch connection wire cut.

-Oil pressure switch faulty.

-Oil pressure switch closes too lately. If oil pressure switch closes, the unit will start. Optionally oil pressure switch may be replaced.

The engine does not run after the first start attempt, then the unit does not start again and OIL PRESSURE EXISTS ! message is displayed:

-The oil pressure switch closes very lately. As the unit senses an oil pressure, it does not start. When oil pressure switch closes the unit will start. Optionally the oil pressure switch may be replaced.

When the AC mains fails, the engine starts to run but the unit gives START FAIL alarm and then the engine stops

-The generator phase voltages are not connected to the unit. Measure the AC voltage between terminals GEN L1-L2-L3 and Generator Neutral at the rear of the unit while the engine is running. A fuse protecting the generator phases may be failed. A misconnection may be occurred. If everything is OK, turn all the fuses off, and then turn all the fuses on, starting from the DC supply fuse. Then test the unit again.

The unit is late to remove engine cranking

-The generator voltage rises lately. Also the generator remnant voltage is below 15 volts. The unit removes starting with the generator frequency, and needs at least 15 volts to measure the frequency.

-The unit is also able to cut cranking from charge alternator voltage and oil pressure input. Please read chapter “CRANK CUTTING”

The unit is inoperative

Measure the DC-supply voltage between terminals BAT+ and BAT- at the rear of the unit. If OK, turn all fuses off, then turn all the fuses on, starting from the DC supply fuse. Then test the unit again.

Programming mode can not be entered:

The program lock input disables programming mode entry. Disconnect the program lock input from battery negative before modification. Do not forget to make this connection again to prevent unauthorized program modifications.

Some program parameters are skipped

These parameters are reserved for factory setting and cannot be modified.

AUTO led flashes and the genset does not run when mains fail

The unit is in Weekly Schedule OFF time. Please check date and time setting of the unit. Please check also Weekly Schedule program parameters.

The genset runs but does not take the load

Check that the genset Yellow led is on steadily. Adjust genset voltage and frequency limits if necessary.

Check that the digital output-8 is configured as “Genset Contactor”

Check “Genset Contactor Timer” program parameter.

Check that a Genset Loading Inhibit input signal is not active. Check input functions. If an input is configured as “Genset Loading Inhibit” then check the signal is not present at this input.